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What's a DP?

from Anonymous

double penetration

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If you could go back and relive one of your sexual experiences, what would it be and why?

from frickasworld

the DP with the twins!<3

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You've said a bunch of times that you're goal is to work in the porn industry as someone who directs and has creative/artistic control over porn vids/photoshoots, so if you could do it NOW, who would you put together for one & what would the concept be? Love your blog btw! :)

from Anonymous

yes I would love to start a company, me and my two best friends are actually really talking about doing it. and we’d have to find our own models to star in the scenes cause you can’t take models from other companies, mostly all the good ones have exclusive contracts with their respective companies, and I’m not going to tell my concepts, wouldn’t want anyone to steal my ideas. and thank you baby!

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this is porn to me and I just came so fucking hard

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Your big cocks tag, what constitutes a big one in ur opinion

from Anonymous

5 inches is average, 6 is above averange and anything else is big, also girth is considered big.

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to be honest, i was all about hetero porn. and then i saw gay porn (what can i say, i'm an equal opportunist) and now straight porn does nothing for me. anyhoo! i just wanted to say your blog is lovely and i wanted to give you some love! xx

from Anonymous

aww thanks baby cakes! 

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Hey I know this is gonna sound rude but why do you get so many submissions?

from Anonymous


I don’t know. I’m not other people, so I don’t know their reasoning for it.

what the fuck how is this even a question!? he gets submissions cause people love his blog and he’s fucking awesome. that’s like asking why he has so many followers! cause people enjoy his blog. I.. just… people. I can’t .

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It really bugs me when people complain about not being able to go on Tumblr in public because of all the porn that’s on their dash. I mean you followed the porn blogs!!! What the fuck do you expect to be on your dash!? Either sit somewhere no one can see your shit, turn the brightness down on your phone, or don’t give a shit! Or don’t follow the porn blogs, don’t complain about the blogs, you sure love them when your getting off to them though!

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